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Black Out
A writing project based on the Blackout proposed in 'Brainscan'. Multiple authors telling intertwined stories. where the central character is a city in crisis
- Beginning - 1/22/02 - Last update - 4/09/02

Hook, line and sinker
A collaboration between Flexidisk and deckerM - A rainy day in Seattle, a humid day in Memphis. Two places with nothing in common-- yet.
- Beginning - 2/17/02 - Last update - 4/10/02

Tischer's World
A collection of short stories about a computer forensics specialist
- Updated - 11/08/01

A Death in the Family
"We've never lost a Wilson yet." - Its been the Wilson family motto for ages-- its seen them through some tough times. This is what happens when their luck runs out.
- Start - 06/01/01
Most recent update : - 09/04/01

Ursa Non Grata
A trap is set using Bear as bait.
- Start - 04/22/01
Most recent update : - 07/13/01

The Long Sleep - by Marshall Costello
An ongoing serial in the vein of old pulp mysteries
Most recent update : - 01/28/01

In their own words: (fiction from the character's point of view)

Five different descriptions of how the 'History of the Backer Bros. and how they met Duck' (from 4 different people)

Mad Rabbit's Tale - In a Lucid Moment
Tendown's Version - Shadows and regrets
Condog's Summary - My momma didn't raise no idiots
Mad Rabbit's Summary - Click Wrrr...
Duck's take on the whole thing - When is a duck, not a duck?

Main Fiction:- Duck and Company

Main stories now arranged in chronological order (of when they occurred). These stories center either on Duck and Co. or on the Backer Bros. (with some crossovers)

Ducking Responsibility
This story takes a long step back into Duck and Tracker's history to the events surrounding their first meeting.
Finished : - 06/13/99

Maiden Fair
This is the story of how Duck and Tracker met Minh. A short story (40 Pages)
Minh was cursed, stuck in a human body until she could find compassion for humans. She was miserable and things were only getting worse. Then she met Duck and Tracker...and things got a lot more interesting.
Uploaded : - 11/08/98

Mad Rabbit - Running on the edge of sanity
Derrick/Mad Rabbit goes through a serious crisis after Geoff is injured on a mission.

Happy Birthday, you're dead. - or a funnything happened to Geoff on his way to his birthday party...
Warning - This is a full blown story (with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one...)
Geoff's life is endangered when his father's will 'requests' his removal from the living. Its the Backer Brothers vs the Mays family. Joing the team are Eclipse assasin turned guardian and Joey Mays, Geoff's half brother. Added 04/20/98

Duck and Tracker take to the road to find out who's been targeting them and their friends. A sinister group that keeps leaving them Black Roses.
- Finished 10/11/98

Duck Day Afternoon
What happens when the biggest trouble magnet/maker in Memphis goes out for burgers. Memphis will never be the same again!
- Posted - 06/22/01

A short (5 page) story. A shadowrunner is hired to kidnap a ten year old boy-- named Wilson TwoBears.
- Posted - 9/15/01

Alternate Reality - Duck & Co.

Sitting Duck
In Seattle for the opening of a new Playful Dragon- Duck, Tracker, Bear and Rabbit set the town on its ear.
- Posted 06/22/00


Long Dark Night - Jess
The story that started it all-- originally a character study for an online game.
Jess came to seattle to find her brothers, but found something more important... It all comes down to a heartbeat...

Year in Seattle - Jess
Follow Jess as she goes to Seattle searching for her missing brothers.
- Finished 06/20/00

Seattle - day by day
Jess' year in Seattle is over, but it didn't end the way she planned. Now she's settling in and has decided to stay.
- Updated irregularly (currently on hold)

Another year in Seattle - 2060
After years of not keeping a journal -- Jess is back. Seattle and the Shadoworld will never be the same.
- Start - 06/29/00 - Updated Daily

A Chrismas story.- With his wife caught in the Arcology shutdown, Marshal Jason Casey must face the reality of Deus
- Posted 12/25/00

Other Stories

Short stories in the shadowrun world, vignettes mostely.

Gabriel Martyn - Just Drive
This story line is something I haven't explored yet. It involves a mysterious man who calls himself Gabriel Martyn. The man is a mystery to himself as well as others. If that weren't enough he works as an "Agent of Fate" for an even more mysterious man who seems to know what's happening, and when fate must step in.

My entry for Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace short story contest. A bit of a departure from the usual stuff...
Kiken should have been paying attention, but he only had eyes for Layla.
Uploaded : - 11/18/98

A Christmas Run
A Chirsmas story, inspired by Rat's The Gift
NOTE: Rat's is a nice spirit of Christmas story... mine, well, I went for humor, what can I say?

- 12/25/98

Twisted Tales
Nightmarish fairy tales? Twisted home shows? Chiltred gives helpful hints on Dungeon decor ...
Most recent update : - 12/16/98

Kai - Year of the dragon
Kai tells the story of his unusual birth and early life among humanity
posted : - 02/05/00

Campaign Fiction

URSA non-gratis
This story covers the current campaign I'm running which has two different teams involved. (this story is narrated by several NPC's as the adventure progresses)

Most recent update : - 05/26/98

Wind - Baltimore will never be the same
A story that came into being because of a throw away line in an elevator... "Haven't seen you since the fiasco in Baltimore"

Lightning's Very Bad Day.
This is the transcript for a one night run designed just for fun. Mission was accomplished.

Lightning's Very Bad Day - How Rico got away.
Well, in Lightning's Very Bad Day, Rico ended up being held at gunpoint, this story relates how he got away. Or more to the point how Rabbit got him out. Added 04/29/98

Unless otherwise noted, the characters and places in these stories are the product of my own twisted mind and bear only marginal resemblance to real people living or dead... (except where noted) All fiction is copyrighted by me and now that that's out of the way... enjoy.

Exception Notes:

  • Tracker : Tracker is the creation of Gray Beaker
    (and used with his kind permission in exchange for a cameo appearance
    in at least one upcoming story.)
  • Lightning: Lightning is the creation of Sal Robertson
    (and she has a say in what Lighting is and what she would or wouldn't do.)
  • Wind: Wind is also the creation of Sal Robertson,
    (but I can take a lot more literary licences with him since he's really an NPC)
  • Equipment and situations created by FASA (obviously)

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