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Okay... yet another case of somebody saying something and me going off on a tangent... the end result : Twisted Tales.

Imagine, my favorite representative of EVIL... telling bedtime stories to his children, or giving advice...

This week's tale takes a slightly different turn...

(And I hold Shadorat completely responsible for this one since it started with an e-mail from Rat and the suggestion of Chiltred giving helpful uhm... household hints for the demonically inclined..)

Half of these are Rat's so ... just credit me with the clever ones and blame the rest on the Rat... okay, reality check... Rat's the clever one... I'm merely twisted. Have fun...

Rat appears courtesey of Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace

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Hints from HELL-oise...

Hello all you do it yourselfers...I've gotten a lot of letters from our viewers asking how I can manage dealing out eteranal suffering and still keep a healthy attitude. Well, it all centers around planning and design. I thought I'd let you inside my little corner of Hell and show you a thing or two about dungeon decor. If you'll notice, I've tried to keep a theme running throughout. Personally, I prefer the 'misery and hopelessness' motif although a nice 'eternal suffering' theme works equally well. Sometimes a ray of hope can have a wonderfully perverse effect in either setting, giving your guests that slight glimmer before showing them what they're in for. You'd be amazed at how such a simple thing is overlooked in many dungeons.

Which ever theme you choose, remember dark somber colors and grays are usually best to keep the mood. Another trick to remember is to tie the key elements of the room together. Notice how the wood paneling matches the grain in the rack. I went that little extra step and added rusted iron fittings to it so that it wouldn't clash with the iron maiden. And notice how they bring out the red in the carpet... oops, sorry, that's a blood stain.

TIP: keep your rugs a dark burgundy or brown... it hides the bloodstains better.

You want the room to flow, with each element leading to the next. I also recomend limiting yourself to a maximum of three key elements per room, otherwise they tend to drown eachother out. You want your visitors to be able to concentrate on each of the key furnishings. This will help spotlight them and produce a more impressive effect. Remember: less is more.

Another trick I've learned : keep you instruments of torture in tasteful little groupings. There's nothing worse than a cluttered dungeon, take it from me... that organization adds to the feeling of hopelessness and it makes finding what you need a breeze.

Remember: when space doesn't allow for all of your equipment, psychological toruture doesn't take as much room, or make quite such a mess.

Finally, if you must drink your victim's blood, remember, whole blood with red meat, plasma with your fish and poultry.

Until next time...

Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker and Shadorat

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