Lightning's Very Bad Day - How Rico Got away

This was my answer as to how Rico was able to get away from the fake "Terri" that was sent to Backer Brother's HQ. As Rico said... "It's a Classic Rabbit Moment."

When it comes around to how Rico was able to deal with faux Terri, he hands Lightning a tape and smiles...

"Its a classic Rabbit moment," he states.

<get your popcorn><get your soda's><settle down for some home movies>

Survailance tape plays.

Rico is standing with his hands in the air. The time reads 5 minutes after you'd sent "Terri" back... He's looking really tired, she's trying to get a handle on things.

Rico's managed to isolate them so that she can't get to anybody else, but it means he's trapped with her and the Transpo unit is un-available.

Then, against procedure, Rabbit comes bopping in, allowing the door to close behind him. Now its a beffuddled Rico, a gun-toting terrorist and Rabbit... (the girl doesn't stand a chance)

"Hey, Rico, you know you aren't supposed to have visitors here," He states as he walks between the console and the girl, effectively imposing himself between the two of them.

"Get your hands where I can see them," She demands, shoving the gun in Rabbit's face.

"But... if I do that," Rabbit states with a wide-eyed Rabbit-about- to rant grin..." how can I play with what I have in my pockets?"

The girl stares at him.

"Think about it..." Rabbit adds with a nod, his eyes are very big and he's giving her his best "Rabbit's -not- here- right- now" look

"Get away from me," she orders holding the gun on him.

"I was here, you were there..." Rabbit states with a big smile. "Now you're here, and you want me to move? Did you really think about this before you moved.... Or are you just a bit ....unbalanced???"

He looks at her and tilts his head.

"They can help you here," he tells her urgently. "They helped me..."

"Uh, Rabbit?" Rico calls, trying to reach his brother.

"Wait your turn," Rabbit counters, "Didn't your momma teach you your manners. Ladies are here."

Rabbit looks around the room and then focuses on the slightly more nervous girl. "He thinks he's the only one the ladies like," Rabbit tells her. "You like me don' t you?"

"Put your hands up and stand next to the other one." she tells him...

"But I already told you," Rabbit continues, looking over his shoulder then back at the girl. "Pockets..." He leans a little closer. "Are you staying? They say I can talk to guests, but only if they're staying...."

"What is this place?" The girl demands. "Who are you?"

"They didn't tell you?" Rabbit asks as he raises his head in such a way that he has to move his eyes so he's looking at her from the bottom edge of his eyes. "I'm the Rabbit... Come' lets play," he states, and before the girl can react he's folded his legs so that he's now sitting cross legged in front of her.

"Look," he says as he pulls things from his pockets. "Plenty of stuff," he starts picking through the pile, moving things around and rocking back and forth.

The girl looks at him then at Rico. Rico gives her a slightly apologetic shrug. From his expression, its obvious that he's befuddled by Rabbit's actions. Its also obvious that he's used to Rabbit 'stepping out of his mind.'

"Get him away from me," she demands.

"Okay," Rico assures her. "Please, just move away from him. Easy... yeah like that."

She moves away, keeping her gun on Rico all the time. As Rico reaches Rabbit he becomes violent screaming "No! my toys, my toys!"

"Easy," Rico tries to assure him, giving the girl a worried look. "Okay, lets put your toys away, okay?"

Rabbit gets more violent, stands and throws Rico... into the girl. Before she can respond, Rabbit's slapped her with a tranq patch...

Once its over, Rabbit turns toward the camera, bows and winks at the camera.

Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker

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