Click Whrr... (a message from Mad Rabbit)

Never seen it comin' Click Whrr, click wrr...

Daddy didn't like you, but you never let him see how much it hurt, click whrr, click whrrr.

Pretty shiny heartbeat, a gift from the gods. Click whrrr, click whrr.

Where's your brother, when your screamin' like a fool? Click Whrr, click wrrr...

Ask the pretty ducky, cause she's been there too... Click Whrrr, click Whrrr...

Brother man solve that, click whrr, click wrrr... with a rat-a-tat tat and a vindicator spinning down ZZZZhhhhoooooooo

Pretty little ducky, hid in a water spout... Click whrrr, click whrrr,

Guess we're all a little mad, but they didn't play nice now did they? So brother man came, and took their toys away. Better learn to play nice with those pretty little worms.

Click Whrr, Click whrrr... and a thumpa, thumpa, thumpa... Good night.

Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker

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