A(nother) Year in Seattle




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Jess's story continues Two years older and hopefully a bit wiser-- Jess continues to chronicle her life as a paramedic on the streets of Seattle

Introduction - Jess


Week One - Back in the saddle
Week Two - Ghost Calls
Week Three - A bigger picture
Week Four - Full moon madness
Week Five - Union of intrigue
Week Six - Friction
Week Seven - Arcology Trip
Week Eight - Broken
Week Nine - Set up
Week Ten - Life in a fishbowl
Week Eleven - Immortalized on film
Week Twelve - Unexpected happenings
Week Thirteen - Accidents will happen
Week Fourteen - End of nights
Week Fifteen - Day Shift
Week Sixteen - Surprises
Week Seventeen - Gala
Week Eighteen - Going Home
Week Nineteen - Missing
Week Twenty - Taking Control
Week Twenty-one - Finding my way
Week Twenty-two - Holiday madness
Week Twenty-three - Finding answers underground
Week Twenty-four - Holiday Countdown
Week Twenty-five - Into the Abyss
SHUTDOWN - Story Supplement - The Arcology Shutdown from Case's POV
Week Twenty-six - Shut in
Week Twenty-seven - Recovery
Week Twenty-eight - A new path
Week Twenty-nine - Working things out
Week Thirty - The Return Home
Week Thirty-one - The Return Home Part II
Week Thirty-two - Maintaining an even strain
Week Thirty-three - One step ahead, and two behind
Week Thirty-four - The long road
Week Thirty-five - Full Circle
Week Thirty-six - Closing the circle

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