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Jess's story Jess's journal of her year long search for her brothers in Seattle. It starts with Conspiracy of Ravens. Character information: The Millers - Matt , Alan , Jess , Andy

Week by Week

Week One - Getting situated
Week Two - Things are seldom what they seem
Week Three - Step lightly into the shadows
Week Four - The shadows step back
Week Five - Falling deeper in
Week Six - Getting back up
Week Seven - Enough!
Week Eight - Recovery
Week Nine - Trouble
Week Ten - Steamed
Week Eleven - One Crisis Over
Week Twelve - And another begun?
Week Thirteen - Curtain call
Week Fourteen - Getting in step
Week Fifteen - Investigations
Week Sixteen - Life in simulation
Week Seventeen - Reality crash
Week Eighteen - Down hill slide
Week Nineteen - Always darkest...
Week Twenty - Going pitch black...
Week Twenty-one - Getting better...
Week Twenty-two - Roll with it...
Week Twenty-three - A week in the country.
Week Twenty-four - Trust.
Week Twenty-five - Rock Bottom.
Week Twenty-six - Salvation
Week Twenty-Seven - Miracles
Week Twenty-Eight - A new year
Week Twenty-Nine - Training plans
Week Thirty - Second Wave
Week Thirty-one - Working to exhaustion
Week Thirty-two - To save a child
Week Thirty-Three - Making an impression
Week Thirty-Four - Clues and false starts
Week Thirty-Five - Illusions
Week Thirty-Six - Looking for clues, in all the wrong places
Week Thirty-Seven - asking the right questions
Week Thirty-Eight -Surprise!... it's a boy
Week Thirty-Nine -A jobe well done
Week Forty -I'm all shook up
Week Forty-one -Heading for home
Week Forty-two -No place like home
Week Forty-three -All I need is a couple days off
Week Forty-four -A week in the life
Week Forty-five -The countdown's on
Week Forty-six -Where there's a will...
Week Forty-seven -Changes in lattitude
Week Forty-eight -Down to the wire
Week Forty-nine -Quest's End
Week Fifty -Finding your way
Week Fifty- one - That which is
Week Fifty- two - Cycles

Finishing touches

Epilog - A Murder of Crows
Writer's comentary

Zipped versions of the first 30 weeks in MSWord are available here courtesy of Michael O'Mordha, and of the whole story in HTML format here.

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