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They say its best to keep your sense of humor in a stressful situation, but maybe we've taken it a little too far

Burger Drac's

This is an example of what happens when a couple of writer's are bored and killing time...

The idea originally started through a missunderstanding, but what we ended up with was the idea for a Dragon run Burger joint... Thanks to Shadorat's : "You WILL have some fries with that!" and my answering "Have it OUR way!" Burger Drac's was born.

(I really need to get a life!)

Service with a smile
Friendly service
The Customer is Always right.
The smoking section?
A bedtime story
Eat, drink and be merry...
Got a light?...
Dragon Daycare..

The Cynic's Corner

Cynisism has its place... Mine is here


The quotes file

Writing on the Walls

Some sayings go without saying...

That which does not kill us

  • May make us wish it had
  • May not have been really trying
  • May have just been softening us up
  • May have friends that will
  • May try again.
  • May not be the biggest problem.
  • May just be scoping us out.
  • May have killed us and we just don't know it yet...
  • May not have noticed
  • May not have been trying to kill us

The more you run over a dead cat, the flatter it gets.

How Duck got her name

Okay, we all know the real whay Duck got her name, (her grandmother), but these are the answers she usually gives:

  • My first constructs had a slight wobble to them, so they waddled instead of flowed.
  • Cause no matter how you aproach it, there's always a bill.
  • I was in a foul mood.
  • Or my favorite..:What do you tell a decker in a firefight?

This week's Top Ten

Top 10 Signs something has gone terribly wrong

  • 10) You come to in an ambulance
  • 9) You don't remember how you got there.
  • 8) You don't care when the medic slices open your armor.
  • 7) The medic is refering to you as 'The sucking chest wound with a concussion
  • 6) You think this is funny.
  • 5) You see your life flash before your eyes.
  • 4) You read the end credits (and give it maybe 2 stars)
  • 3) The medic is starting to look like >insert star/starlet name<
  • 2) You propose.
  • 1) They accept.
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