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Shapcano's fiction page

Some of the best fiction available. The Lost Boys stories are an enjoyable read. And if that weren't enough, Shapcano supplies space for other writers and links as well.

Now showing: Joint Venture a serial being co-authored by Shapcano and Shadorat (of Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace)!

NEW!: Burnout A wonderful introduction to the characters of Burnout and Gears. Check it out!

I'd also highly recommend Tat's work, which can be found on Shapcano's fiction page - it all starts with Cadilac Palace and its incredible!

And while I'm at it... Check out Nitro's "Two as One". It all starts with San - prologue and its addictive!

Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace

Another site with great characters and character interaction, everything from short stories to full blown Sagas.

Currently showing: Dark Reflections the long awaited third installment of the Crossfire series!

And don't forget Cross Fire and Inner Demons. The wonderful novel lenghth tale and its equally wonderful sequel!

Plainly stated, this site has some of the best fiction available and its free!!!

Between that, the contests and commentaries... what can I say???

The Shadowrun Writer's Forum

A forum started by Shadowrat of Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace. A great place to interact with other Shadowrun Writers.

Gantroc's House of Sci-Fi

What can I say... Gantroc's got the start to *another* serial that I'm hooked on called 'Rain' . The characterization has won him a 'Winterhawk's site with Character' award, and its well deserved. And if that weren't enough, Gantroc is also running an online game that I'm having a blast with

Bai Shen's Homepage

A cool friend who's now playing in my world via e-mail and ICQ. Bai Shen's got some good starts... now if we can just convince our friend here to finish them! ;) Check them out then e-mail Bia Shen and whine... it works for me!

Aurora's Shadowrun Page

A collection of good fiction, great quotes and comentaries... check it out!

RPG Review

A wonderful site with reviews, fiction and information. Listed as a "Created for Gamers by Gamers", it lives up to its name. A great site!

The Shadowrun Webring A very good place to start. You can join, or follow the links from the main page. You're bound to have an interesting trip!

Send me e-mail if you'd like to recomend a page...

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