M.T. Decker (well, my web page at any rate)

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Lost in the Mountains of West Virginia somewhere in the United States of America

Home of the only guitar-playing-computer-nerd-herbalist that's equipped for MIDI (at least the only one on *my* block) Did I mention that I'm an artist and writer? (... Okay, so all my published works are technical documentation and user manuals, but hey, I've got my dreams.)

On the serious side, I'm a member of the board of directors of G.F.O.A., defacto web-keeper of Sylvan Glen , and an Alumni Brother of Alpha Phi Omega (Epsilon Mu Chapter)a national co-ed service fraternity.

I've been playing with MIDI for about a year now. Up until then I'd been doing it the old fasioned way with guitars, harps, flutes, and any other instrumentI could get my hands on. I still consider myself a novice, but then again...I think I will for the next hundred years or so. Of course, now I must foist some of my creations off on you.

- Remember, it'd be really good for my ego if you listened to them, or at least acted like you did. (and then you can tell me how great they were)

aire - a little bit of harp
ocean play this was the first peice a wrote, a bit experimental, but fun.
tribal - a song written for some characters in a science fiction story I'm working on.
Slides.zip - Okay, this one sounded really good with a Yamaha sound chip, but the Roland on my new sound card just doesn't do it justice. I'd really like feedback on this one.

These are a few of my favoite sites...

If you've ever worked as a programmer/engineer and/or tech (or know someone who has) you'll appreciate The Dilbert Zone or if you're into music with an irish flare, the Clannad Home Page is a favorite of mine.

For Space information: The Kennedy Space Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute> pages are a must.

Now serving user number.....

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