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Glenwood Forest is a community of about 360 lots (with about 250 houses,) located in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

The purpose of this page is to keep people up to date on the neighborhood news. Welcome to my neighborhood.


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06th- Board Meeting, 7:30pm, 74 Tall Pine Lane
26th- General Memebership Meeting, Back Creek Fire Hall

We encourage all residents to attend both General Membership & Board Meetings. This calendar is for information only. All dates and times ar subject to change. Please check this listing, or the newsletters for any changes.

General News

The May elections were held on May 2nd, the results are as follows:

We are still looking for a Vice president

The cluster boxes have been finished and are available. If you are interested in obtaining one, please contact Brenda Dukes.

President's Update

Finance: And audit committee was formed to review GFOA's accounting records and practices. Their findings are as follows:
We reviewed many available QuickBooks reports and tried to determine what the regular bill-paying and income recording procedures were. We reviewed various subject folders containing checks, receipts, etc. Several deposit slips and many checks were tracked from source documentation to accounting report, and to the back-up information such as deposit worksheets and receipts and invoices, with no apparent descrpancies noted. We did not have a good method to determine wheter acutal bank account balalnces equalled reported account balalnces.

At the end of our review, the committee concluded that there appeared to be adequate controls over recepts and expenditures, and we found no evidence of any significant inappropriate actions or procedures.

The committee would like to recomend to the board the following suggestions:

1) At quarterly membership meetings, the Treasure's report should be accompanied by compies of transaction reports and/or check register reports for the associated accounting period. This would provide the details which would be helpful in understanding the Treasuere's Income and Expense report. Only a small number of copies would be needed for those interested in seeing them.

2) The committee is under in impression that audits have not been regularly performed in the past. It is our recommendation that the Board establish a regular procedure to select a committee to perform an audit once each year (as soon as possible after the end of the fiscal year), to audit the records for the year just completed.

3) We are attaching a sperate list of questions; some are general and some regard specific transactions ehich were unclear or seemed potentially inappropriate to us. We would like the Board to reply in writing to these questions.

4) Finally, we suggest that this report, as well as the responces requested above, be retained in a permanent file and be made available to future audit committees to simplify their task. Insurance: We have changed our liability insurance to Nationwide. The new policy gives us $2,000,000.00 coverage for the same price as our old policy, which only gave us $1,000,000.00 coverage.

By-laws: The By-law committee needs a new chairman, since Barbara Gray is now a board member and the chairman cannot be a board member. Volunteers please call 229-3095

By-law changes #3, #4 and #5 have passed.

By-law change #5 requires that an Audit Committee be form. The audit should be done for the October 19th Membership Meeting. Please call 229-3095 to volunteer.

ATV'S. Members present would like a new bylaw added. It would address the use of these and similar vehicles in Glenwood Forest. Any vehicle used on a GFOA road must be driven by a licensed driver. All vehicles driven on a GFOA road must be registered, tagged and insured. WE cannot enforce this yet, but it must be in place for future enforcement. Your comments are necessary.

Legal: GFOA vs. Paul Gregory. Our neighbor to the east of Glenwood Forest has decided that he wishes to develop his 120 acres and to sell it in 5 acre lots. He plans on bringing the construction traffic down Glenwood Lane to Oak Forest and Sugar Maple and cut a road through lot #25 to reach the property. After he has logged the property and completed construction on 20 new homes, he intends that these new families continue to use our roads. We are seeking a restraining order to stop this from happening. Your opinion would be appreciated. (See the update later in the news letter.)

Rt. 45 Sign. The sign that was chopped down in April has been repainted. We will not be putting it back on wooden posts, but rather a steel frame work which we hope cannot be destroyed. Materials will cost $150.00 and Jimmy Reardon is doing the welding. It will be put back soon.

New Street Name Signs. A sample sign was shown to members present. We have decide to purchase the heavy duty sign. They will be Green with reflective letters. The will be mounted on a metal pole. We have pledges for 6 signs. If you would like to donate a sign, call 229-3095.

Treasurer's Report

Account balances as of July 25 were;
Huntington Maintenance $19,112.54,
One Valley Maintenance $ 4063.53,
Trash $13,438.62,
Building Fund $946.42,
and Mailbox $546.50.


The opionions expressed here are completely my own.

G.F.O.A. online

In addition to this web page, you can now reach the board through e-mail.

Linda Cowne ....

As more information becomes available, I'll be adding it here.

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