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The Archer's Fist

The Archer's Fist is a militant organization, dedicated to the survival of mankind. Until a recent raid by the opressive forces of the military, they were based in Duluth. Several members died durring the offensive, and many others were taken away for questioning.

Well, that's their story anyway. These are the friendly folks who questioned MadRabbit at some length a while ago. Needless to say, they aren't very poplular with the Backer Brothers, or Duck, or Bear. -ED

Seven Members have survived and are planning to strike a blow for their fallen comrades. They are:

Salizar - current leader of the AF. - Real name, unknown.
Echo - "The archivest " Technical advisor and armourer - Real name, unknown.
Firefox - Intelligence and recon. - Real name, unknown.
Gideon - Recruiter and trainer - Real name: Mathew Rodgers
Nemesis - Mind control and Attitude adjustments - Real name, David Brogs
Whisper - Shovels, rakes and implements of descructions - Real name, unknown.
Deveroux - Demolitions and special operations - Real name, Carl Troy

.. Just reading their publication, Humanis Humanis will give you and idea of their, uhm... beliefs and self-image

Warning: the opions expressed in Humanis Humains are not those of management. These are scary people folks. Scary, 'cause they make it sound so reasonable. Oh, and FYI, the 'enemy' is anybody who ain't human. (Or anybody that takes offence at that). Like I said, scary people...ED

Known Associates

Trickster - No further informaiton currently available
VSI - Viking Systems Inc. - No further information currently available
Dark Sphere - An organization or a person, nobody knows for sure.
TriChem - Biomedical Research Corporation
>>>Nice enough bunch of people, until you realize that 'enemy' = anybody who doesn't agree.<<< Corndog
>>> or they think might not agree <<< Tendown
>>> WHAT do you MEAN 'NICE'???" <<< MadRabbit
>>> Rabbit...I was being sarcastic... <<< Corndog
>>> Oh! <<< MadRabbit