Ursa Non Gratis

Part IX.

Rudy - Da' Truck

Been workin' on Da' Truck when the call comes. It's Davy. Duck's been taken in, schedule's shot to hell. Need the truck early, no probs? Yeah, right... Dream on Davy-boy. Another phone to replace, another hole to patch. Need a better way of disconnecting the dang thing.

Da' Truck's a 'bute though. Makes the Bo' look tiny. Holds one car, two bikes, comm-center, armory and lab. Even got room for the team. Good thing that. Baby's loaded. Rigged and normal controls, armor, weapons ports. Nice design, if I say so. Based on the old NASCAR trucks with a lot of liberties taken. Hydro lifts so the car and bikes are out of the way 'til they're needed.

Moved Dragger's gear out of his van, figured he'd rather use the toys he knows. Armory's stocked, compliments of 'The Eternal Flame'. MedLab straight from Tir Tairngire, top notch, lots of antitox. Additions compliments of Gina Wilson. Even threw in Tristan and Isolde... figure Dragger could use them. Good remotes, serve him well. Better bring 'em back too, otherwise I take it out of *his* truck.

Rico came out two days ago, set up the comm station. Helped with somma the riggin too. Boomer played with some of the guns, took some out and upgraded them. Voice command. Nice trick. Anything to help. Maybe he went a little heavy on the demo, but that's Boomer, man gotta do what he's good at. Boomer earned his name.

Try not to think of Duck, but I do. Go water the rhododendrons, figure I leave the girl a place to hide next time she comes to call and Bogart's on. I think about Bogart, about to kiss the girl and sigh, guess I missed the show again.

Maybe next time. Got enough work to do as it is, and like I always say, Troll's gotta make a living.

Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker

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