Ursa Non Gratis

Part II.

Davy Wilson - In a nutshell

"Okay folks, some of you know what's been going on the past few days and weeks, but most of you only know part of it. Now before any rumors get out a hand, I'd like to explain everything as I know it. Even if you were in on one of the incidents, I'd like you to pay attention, 'cause there are some folks here, who ain't heard the story yet... just bare with me..."

"Now, for those of you who's last name ain't Wilson, let me make some introductions. I'm Davy Wilson, and I call the shots around here. This here's my brother Geoff," he stated as he moved behind his brother and put a hand on his shoulders. "If you can't find me, find him. Cause he runs the show just as much as me."

Davy moved down the line, resting a hand on the shoulder of the person he was introducing. These were his team leaders, the core group and it was up to him to make sure everybody was on the same page.

"This is Derrick, MadRabbit to some of you folks, just Rabbit to the rest a' us. You need information, you come see him. If he don't know what you're askin', give him 5 minutes, and he'll have it for you."

"Boomer," he stated as he stepped behind the next man in line. "Wayne Wilson. You need arms or armor, he's your man. Any ammo, weapons, demo you need, you talk to him. You need advice on what to use for a job, again, this is the man to talk to..."

"Rico," he called as he stepped behind the next man. "You need tech equipment, recon equipment, remotes, decks, software... this is the man..."

"The next three here, if you haven't figured out by now, they're Wilsons too. We got Gina, Kenny and Joey. You got any medical concerns, these are the folks to talk to. If I find out you got problems and you haven't talked to one of them, we will be having words. I'm not risking anybody's life 'cause somebody's too proud, or stubborn to seek help. You got that?"

Davy paused and waited until he was sure everybody in the room understood, then he moved on. Standing behind the last person he rested a hand on either shoulder and smiled. "And I think y'all know this lady. Duck, Red, Katya, no matter what you call her, she's as much a part of this as any of us. Perhaps more so, but we'll be getting to that."

"Now," he added as he moved back to the front of the group and looked around. "We've got some new people here, and for all you Wilsons out there, its time you met them. They came to us as strangers, friends of friends, but from here on out, they're family."

He then turned and addressed the small group at the front of the conference room. "You are now part of this team, unless you can't function with them, but from what I've seen y'all are welcome additions to the family."

"Lightning will you stand up for a minute?" Davy asked and waited for her to respond. "This here's Lightning. Most of these folks are her friends, and they're here either by their own choosing or circumstances that made the choice for them. Either way, they're here now."

"The ladies next to her are Mickey and Minnie. And next the them is Wind, who I think some of you already know, but anyway, next to him we've got Sparky..."

Davy paused as Sparky jumped up and waved. Davy shook his head and then continued. "Finally on the far end is Kai. He's here as a favor to Duck. I want y'all to make them feel at home and make sure you get to know them, the reason we function as well as we do, is because we know each other, and I want to keep it that way."

"Okay, introductions are over," Davy announced. "Now the story begins."

"As you may or may not know, Geoff, Derrick and me, we served together in the Ragin' Angels outa Fort Bragg. We worked as a team then. Derrick on point, me in the middle and Geoff running backup. That's where we got our names. Geoff was and is 'Tendown,' 'cause he was always only ten minutes down from where you are. Derrick, he just is the MadRabbit, and there ain't no other way to describe him. Me, well, they called me Corndog back then. Anyway, we learned a lot there that's probably saved everyone of us at one point or another. But then again, we ended up in a lot of situations where we needed that training, so I guess it was a trade off."

"The risks were high, but we learned a lot. Then the cost got way too high. We got set-up but good. Cost me a leg, Geoff his career, but Derrick, he paid the greatest price of all of us. That was the first time we'd heard of 'The Archer's Fist' and unfortunately, it wasn't the last. Seems that torturing Derrick wasn't enough, and they decided to kill the three of us, just to be sure, mind you..."

Davy took a deep breath, he hated talking about those times, but there were some folks who hadn't heard the whole story, or as much as they were willing to tell. "That's when Duck and Bear came into our lives. Unfortunately, they also came to the attention of the Archer's Fist. Between Duck, Bear and Ten, we managed to squeak by with all our hides reasonably in tact. Seven years ago, but it seems like yesterday."

Davy looked around the room and then continued. "Some of you have heard what the news was able to report, others know the full score. Our commander, several corps and our own Governor were funneling money and weapons to the Archer's Fist. You listen to them, these boy's'll tell you they're fighting the good fight, but let me tell you, they did not go to the same Sunday School any 'a us did, not by a long shot."

"To them the good fight is takin' the 'Meta' out of 'Meta-human' and leavin' only good god-fearin' humans. Their short term goals were simple, take over some of the NAN lands, drive out the heathen godless Meta's and set-up a command center for the rest of the plan. They say the apocalypse is coming and all the changes are a part of it. I say they're trying to bring it on. None of us are safe. We've got friends and family that are risk 'cause of these folks, and it ain't going to end until they're taken out."

"A big bite was taken out of their operations, thanks in part to Duck and Bear. With military support, they managed to take out their current operations, but believe me, they're back on-line. Don't know how many of you all know Danny TwoBears, Bear. He's done quite a bit for this family, and he means quite a bit to a lot of us." Davy paused as he looked at Duck and smiled at her. "Danny's in jail in Quebec, and I'm pretty sure we can thank our 'friends' in Archer's fist for that. We're not too worried about the trial, its the situation and what it may lead to that we have to worry about. Murder is a capital offence in Quebec, and its serious enough, that they allow a mental censure of the accused in cases like this. That means a full mind scan, and that means that Bear, everything that makes him him will be laid bare for all to see. It also means that they will take control from him, and that could very well leave him vulnerable.

"As it is, Kenny reports that he's being fed enough tranqs and meds to render him virtually helpless. Its up to us to protect him."

"If that weren't enough, they've indicted Duck on it as well, leaving her open to the same risks. We'll be working on several fronts, spreading ourselves out to cover what needs to be done. To this end, Duck will be interviewing some folks at 'Rocky's' later on tonight. She's trying to get a team together to go after the evidence while the rest of us will be working on tracking down the Archer's Fist and making sure Bear and Duck are as protected as we can make it. There's not too much we can do for Bear right now, but we have to be ready for anything."

Davy took a deep breath and continued. "That brings us up to the most recent events," he stated. "Duck hired Lightning for the interviews, the plan was to hire her as a body guard, check her out and perhaps add her to the team. During a routine scan of the site, a bomb was found. The bomb was set to release a specially designed nerve toxin. It was one of the 'items' that had been redirected to the Archer's Fist. We could have lost not only Lightning, but Tendown and Tommy as well."

"Geoff caught a lungfull of the stuff, and in transporting back to base, Tommy was put at risk. We have to be on our toes here people. Archer's Fist doesn't care who gets hurt in their little holy war. According to them, none of us are innocents."

"Night before last they struck again, this time more directly. They tried to get Geoff with the dust again. That's when a lot of Lightning's friends got involved. They struck in the open, at Jamaica Blue's place, down on Southern Street. Could have hurt a lot of people just to get one of us. As it was, Mickey and Minnie took out the 'delivery boys,' and Boomer and Rabbit handled the demo."

"Their next stop was Lady D's where Gina and I were having dinner. One of the guys we served with in the military, a man I thought of as a comrade came up to our table. He was rigged to blow and was willing to take out the entire restaurant to get me. These men are dedicated to their cause and are willing to sacrifice themselves to take us out of the equation."

Davy looked at Boomer and then turned back to the assembly. "We made it through, but not unscathed. We almost lost Boomer to enemy fire. If it hadn't been for some quick thinking and quick action on several people's parts, we'd be less one Wilson tonight."

"They shot him with experimental rounds, UCAS military spec, R&D. Nanotech, DNA targeting devices. If any of you are interested in the details, contact Tommy, Rico or Duck. But in a nut-shell, the projectile only has to hit the target. It will take care of the rest. It picks up on the DNA signature of the person and goes for the kill. Boomer got hit with one three inch shard of this stuff, and let me tell you, it took 6 of us to keep it from killing him."

"They don't care who they hurt to get their job done, that's their strength. They have access to some top secret, cutting edge weapons and chemicals, and they have no qualms about using them. They've targeted our friends and families. As such, all Backer Brothers operations are suspended. The only goal is to protect our families and take these people out, once and for all."

"They've got a network that we've only begun to uncover, and there are more of them all the time. They claim that they're fighting for their survival. Well from here on out they are, because we're going to take them down. They go after any of us, they go after all of us. Anybody you think is at risk, call them in now. We're battening down the hatches and we're going to war. We have to work together, or they'll bring us all down. And if you haven't figured out by now, Wilsons go down fighting!"

Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker

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