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>>>if you're running in the shadows, you may as well dance<<< Tracker.
>>>I don't have to go looking for trouble, it has my GPS signal...<<< Duck.
>>>I don't have to go looking for trouble, I'm dating Bear....<<< Duck.
>>>What trouble?.<<< Bear

Shadowrun is a RPG game produced by FASA . It is based in a world that has changed quite a bit from the one we know. They year is 2050 (something) and Magic works. Mythical creatures abound, and as the saying goes "Never make a deal with a dragon."

>>>Unless of course, you have no other choice<<< Tracker
>>>There's always a choice!<<< Bear.
>>>Hot flaming death? <<< Tracker.
>>>It's a choice...not a very pleasant one, but a choice<<< Bear.
>>>He has a point...<<< Duck.
>>>Don't encourage him.<<< Tracker.

Welcome to my corner of the Shadowrun world. Below you will find people and places created for the game. Campaign notes will become available as the games I'm running progress. Unless otherwise noted, these characters and places are the product of my own twisted mind and bear only marginal resemblance to real people living or dead... (except where noted) All fiction is copyrighted and now that that's out of the way... enjoy.

Exception Notes:

If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact me at

What's new


Rogues Gallery- Updated 05/17/98
DarkSphere Dark Sphere


Playfull Dragon overview
Lady D's overview

Campaign ideas

Shanghaied- Added 05/17/98

Some Music to run by

Warning: these files are about 2MB, so be forewarned, you'll need an MP3 player, such as WINAMP to listen to them.

These songs were created by me using Microfoum's NewBeat Trancemission, so you don' t have to worry about copywrite infringement (unless you try to claim them as your own of course, then me and gang will be having words with you..). On a serious note, let me know if you'd like to see more of the music side. Its mostly background music right now...


In their own words: (fiction from the character's point of view)

Mad Rabbit's Tale - In a Lucid Moment
Tendown's Version - Shadows and regrets
Condog's Summary - My momma didn't raise no idiots
Mad Rabbit's Summary - Click Wrrr...
Duck's take on the whole thing - When is a duck, not a duck?

Additional Fiction:

Mad Rabbit - Running on the edge of sanity
Derrick/Mad Rabbit goes through a serious crisis after Geoff is injured on a mission.

Happy Birthday, you're dead. - or a funnything happened to Geoff on his way to his birthday party...
Warning - This is a full blown story (with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one...)
Geoff's life is endangered when his father's will 'requests' his removal from the living. Its the Backer Brothers vs the Mays family. Joing the team are Eclipse assasin turned guardian and Joey Mays, Geoff's half brother. Added 04/20/98

Gabriel Martyn - Just Drive
This story line is something I haven't explored yet. It involves a mysterious man who calls himself Gabriel Martyn. The man is a mystery to himself as well as others. If that weren't enough he works as an "Agent of Fate" for an even more mysterious man who seems to know what's happening, and when fate must step in.

In Progress

This begins the current saga. Duck and Tracker take to the road to find out who's been targeting them and their friends. A sinister group that keeps leaving them Black Roses. - updated 08/26/98

Campaign Fiction

Gantroc's Game - Added 06/22/98

URSA non-gratis
This story covers the current campaign I'm running which has two different teams involved. (this story is narrated by several NPC's as the adventure progresses)

Most recent update : Updated 05/26/98

Wind - Baltimore will never be the same
A story that came into being because of a throw away line in an elevator... "Haven't seen you since the fiasco in Baltimore"

Lightning's Very Bad Day.
This is the transcript for a one night run designed just for fun. Mission was accomplished.

Lightning's Very Bad Day - How Rico got away.
Well, in Lightning's Very Bad Day, Rico ended up being held at gunpoint, this story relates how he got away. Or more to the point how Rabbit got him out. Added 04/29/98

Fiction Links

shapcano's fiction page
- Betcha can't read just one... I mean it! You will find Shapcano's work as well as a host of others, and if that weren't enough, he's got links to other's fiction. - Well worth checking it out.

and... if that's not enough try.
Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace
- Check out Cross Fire, the current serial. Or, My favorite - Ramblings from the Rat


Gantroc's House of Sci-Fi - who's running an on-line game I've joined.

and for the month of July -

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