Game Stuff



The setup

A rowdy night on the town, at least that was the plan... now its working in the galley of a ship, with no escape in sight.

The party has just finished a lucrative run, now its 'Miller time.' When they hit the tavern everything seems on the level, but anybody who drinks is in for a very unpleasant awakening. The Tavern of choice, just happens to supply some of the local pirates with some less than willing help.

From there there's only one way things can go... and that' s worse.

Those who are 'recruited' find themselves doing the grunt-work of maintaining the ship. They are unarmed, heavily guarded, and even if they could escape, there's no where else to go. Survival becomes the first order of business. Finding out what's going on is they key.


Emerald - The captain of the ship. He is spoken of with awe, and respect, but is never seen.
Fish - A long standing 'recruitee'. He knows quite a bit. Too bad its driven him a bit insane.
Gus - He brings you your food. He's nice, but quiet. He's just a little bit slow.
Shiro - Gus's self appointed big brother. He tends to treat peole the way they treat Gus.
Scarlet - A peacock with an attitude.
Lilly - Damsel in distress, or spitfire demon, its hard to tell.
The crew - Mostly a band of cut-throats, but only to 'outsiders.' They may not like each other, but they have to work together.

The premise

The team has lives to get back to, and that means getting out of this mess. That either means escape or earning the respect of the pirates. And a lot of that will depend on the team and their timing. Emerald is wanted by several Corps and there is a reward for his head. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who respect Emerald and see him as a liberating force. Which is he? Does it really matter? It all depends on the runners.

Outside influences

A rival band of cut-throats. They don't care about captives, they want the ship. If they spot a chance to take it over they will. And more likely than not, anybody who survives the take-over is going overboard.

Ganthos Corp
They've been looking for Emerald for a very long time. Most likely they'll liberate any captives they find, but then again, their orders are shoot to kill, so release will most likely be posthumous.

The people of San Juan de Carlos.
Emerald and his men are their saviors. When Ganthos tried to take over their Island, it was Emerald who stopped them. He is held as a national hero and his peole are always welcomed and protected by the people.

Things that could happen

  1. The ship is damaged during a raid, and the team has to survive/escape {extra points if they protect Gus}
  2. Ganthos' Raiders attack the ship.
  3. Mecedes takes over the ship.
  4. Ganthos attacks San Juan de Carlos...
  5. Emerald is captured by Ganthos, and they plan on making a public specticle of his execution.
  6. Just about anything else...

It's an idea mostly... let me know what happens...