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Situational one-liners

"Nothing says 'I wish you were dead' like a .45 caliber bullet."

"Nothing says 'I love you' like kevlar."

"Outgunned, but never outclassed" - Tendown
"Outclassed, but never outgunned."- MadRabbit

"Tell me again why we're doing this." -
MadRabbit - after being surrounded by security guards

Random quotes

"What do you mean 'Is this the right place!?' They're shooting at us... this must be the right place."

If you aren't on the edge, you're takin' up too much space.

"You know... you really need to worry about a specialized team that's hired to protect a place when they come in, take position and watch for incoming trouble without checking to see if the place is secure before they begin.... almost a shame to shoot them in the backs..."

"We're on a mission-- how could you *forget* the bullets?"

"Will you please stick to cover-- and move... why do you think they call this SHADOWRUNNING"

Quotes that make you nervous

"I have an idea" - Duck

"What could happen?" - Bear aka -the BoneShaker

"It'll be easy!" - Kenny Baltimore

"I think-- we're in trouble." -MadRabbit- the master of understatement


"How do you hide a grenade launcher?" - Corndog
"Disguise it as Tommy's lunch box.?" - MadRabbit

You had to be there

"Do you have a band-aid?" - to Jess... the paramedic...

"What!?" - Jess-- just about anytime.

Jess -- Administering First Aid
"Gauze-- apply pressure, elivate."
"Concussion- keep him talking"
"Duct tape...lots of duct tape"

Tracker, Duck and Whisper
Tracker.: "So much for plan 'B'"
Whisper: "Plan B!?-- What ever happened to Plan 'A'!?"
Tracker.: "Well, Plan 'A' never works."
Duck.....: "So we gave up on it."

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