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Specialization - Types of Runs.

Shadowrunning, like any other business, lends itself to specialization. When you're first starting out, you don't have much choice about what type of jobs you do. You take the jobs you can get and you pray you don't end up on somebody's menu. With luck and skill youíll live long enough to establish yourself.

Then once you've established yourself as a survivor, you may want to think about the types of runs you accept.

Old timers'll tell you that runs can be broken down into the following categories:

Messenger Work

  • Courier
  • Smuggling
  • Assassination.
Retrieval Work
  • Data Steal
  • Robbery
  • Rescue
  • Security
  • Electronic
  • Physical
  • Unwilling Rescues
  • Willing Rescues
  • Making it look natural
  • Making it look accidental
  • Making it public
Messenger work involves carrying messages, information or objects from one place or person to another. Iíve included assassination here just because sometimes, it is very definitely a message.

Retrieval Work involves getting a message/information or person away from one place and or person to another.

Guarding is simply trying to prevent retrieval work from happening.

Recruiting is just another version Retrieval work except that it only occurs with people.

Wetwork is wetwork, but as stated, there are different type of wetwork, each with its own needs and requirements.

When you boil them down to their component parts you get the following:

  • Moving something from point A. to point B.
  • Holding onto something
  • Taking something.

I had one friend, who broke them down into two categories:

  • Things that get you killed,
  • Things that make you rich.
(Unfortunately, these two categories are pretty much mutually *inclusive* and that friend never could say no to 'Things that make you rich'. Gonna miss old Lefty.)

Me, I use a simple two category rating system... a little safer than Leftyís:

  • Jobs I take,
  • Jobs I avoid.

I avoid things with words like 'milkrun', 'easy', and 'child's play' associated with them. I also try to avoid jobs offered to me by Policlub anything. Too many zealots out there.

Wetwork I avoid like the plague: you make enough enemies in this world, you don't need to go out purposefully making more. Of course the same could be said for the rest of the work they throw our way, but I try not to think about it too much. That's why you use a street name.

You have to respect some of the wetworkers out there... and I'm not talking about the messy ones. Messy is easy. Its the ones with style and grace you have to watch out for. If you don't you could end up dead in the shower when a car accidently crashes through the window of your 5th floor apartment. You know the guys I'm talking about, the artists.

I guess thatís the key, finding what youíre good at and not getting killed.

Me, I was never good a drinking something that had a little parasol in it... Then again, at least with those drinks, I get my daily fruit supply.

Until the next time...

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