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Negotiations. Part 2 - Choosing your negotiator

Choosing your negotiator

Okay, last week we talked about negotiating a price, the next big question is: Who do you pick to represent your team in negotiations. You need somebody who will look after the teams best interests (ie, stay alive and turn a profit.)

Who’s the best person for the job? The eternal question. How do you decide who's right for the job?

The selection process can be broken down as follows:

    Qualities to look for:
  • Skills
  • Motivation
    Outside Factors
  • Location / Circumstances
  • The audience.
  • Availability.


The key skill is the ability to get what you want. This usually involves staying in control and reasoning, but not always. You can go rather far with control and reason, but there are times when intimidation can be more efficient and yield better results. The most important trait is knowing which tactics to use, and when its time to try something new.


You want your negotiator to look out for your best interests. People with hidden agendas need not apply, its that simple.

Okay, so you pick somebody who can control a situation and look out for your best interests, right? To a point, yes, but like everything else children, it goes a lot further than that, so pay attention.

The best person for the job may not always be the smoothest talker, the best listener... you have to know your audience, in this case, your Johnson, or a fixer they've chosen, it which case the fixer becomes you Johnson.

That's where the outside factors come into play.


Take a look around you. Where are you meeting, under what circumstances. When you're keeping someone from killing your boss when he said it was a 'cakewalk in the park' for you and your three buddies... (remember last week? hope you asked for lots then)... This may be the time to renegotiate. As long as it doesn't get the negotiator, the team or the Johnson shot.

The Audience.

(knowing what you're up against)

This is very important. You see my friends, the legwork begins long before the run. You have to know as much as you can about the mission, about the Johnson, and your team. You need to know how all the peices fit together and if you really want to do business with these people. (Or at least... that their money is indeed good.)

For example:

If your Johnson hates breathing the same air as a Troll, you may not want your friend Arnie, with his massive 8 foot frame doing the negotiating, right? Au contraire... You want any advantage you can get. Making the Johnson Negotiate with Arnie, may actually prove advantageous. You have to know how it would effect your Johnson and use that to control the situation.

That is the key to negotiation: control. And you have to pick the person that gives you the most control in the given situation.

The Final Factor : Availability

Ultimately, your decision may boil down to ... who's available... Like I've said before, necessity can really bite sometimes.

Anyway, Until next time: remember that age is the friend of fine wines, and good rum... but even friends can turn on you. If you doubt that, I've got some really nice expensive vinegar down in the basement.

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