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Negotiations. Part 1 - Agreeing on a price

Negotiations are a very important part of Shadowrunning. Never forget that. You can be the hotter than hot, but you arenít going to get anywhere if youíre working for the first price offered.

As a rule of thumb, never take the first offer. Its insulting. Haggling is an art form that will serve you as well, sometimes better then the fastest gun, the hottest rigger... you get my point.

The Johnsonís going to try and get you to walk on the moon for 2 credits. To be honest a lot of them think youíd kill your own mother for 2 credits and think nothing of it. They are missing the finer points of your profession.

Remember, thereís mental anguish, supplies and the loss of free meals to consider... Make a point of learning to look at these things as a cost value.

- And boys and girls, Iím not recommending you cack your mamma for credits... thatís gosh and Iím just trying to make a point... sides, you think anybodyís gonna want to turn their back on you if you did? -

You have to learn to break down everything, and do it in such a way, that the Johnsonís going to think youíre going to triple his starting offer... which to be honest is a good starting point.

As a rule of thumb you can use the following formula:

Ask the Johnson to rate the mission as one of the following:

Cake Walk 2500
Simple 300
Standard 250
Difficult 500
High Risk 1000

Okay, if a Johnson says something is a Cake Walk that should set of little warning bells in a runnerís head, and dollar signs in a negotiatorís. And if a Johnson is foolish enough to admit that the runís a High Risk, you should command a high price.

Now, the number next to the rating, thatís your base. Figure out the number of people you need to make the run and multiply that by 2.75. Multiply this by the base. Multiply this amount by two times the number of days you figure its going to take and double the amount for good measure.(per person) Double this amount if the Johnsonís a pain or has a history of making your life miserable.

Remember - This is a starting point.

For example. Joe J. wants to hire you and your three teammates to provide protection to a secret rondezvous... a cake walk... one nightís work.

Okay Base =2500 * number of runners (4*2.75) *(1 day *2 ) then double the whole mess

Your starting point would be 110,000 per person for a Johnson you like, 220,000 if you donít like him.

Payment should be at least half up front, plus expenses. Never agree to let the Johnson pay you at the end of the run... too many runners never make it back from that sort of deal.

Anyway... Next week, Iíll discuss Picking your Negotiator. Till then kids, remember the longer the name of your drink, the more they charge. (Think: Lager vs. Beer, Scotch vs. Long Island Iced Tea)

Negotiations Part 2
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