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Maintaining the propper stress levels.

Okay, we've talked about the plan, and we touched on how it doesn't work. I guess its time for some rules of thumb.
This business is all about stress and one of the easiest ways to gain that stress is to think about what you're doing. This will lead to worry. Worry comes in all sizes and shapes, but here are the basic times and things to worry about:

Before having a run

  • Worry about your last mission
    • Worry about the implications
    • Worry about the repercussions
    • Worry about what the johson is up to.
  • Worry about getting the next job

Before accepting the run:

  • Worry about the implications.
  • Worry about the repercussions.
  • Worry about what the Johnson's up to.

Durring the run:

  • If everything seems to be going smoothly, worry.
  • If everything is going smoothly, worry more.
    (At least when nothing is going according to plan, you're so busy with 'crisis managment' that you won't have the time to worry.)

After the run:

  • Worry about the implications
  • Worry about the repercussions.
  • Worry about what the Johnson's up to.

The key is how and when to worry and to what degree. Me, I worry if my toast isn't golden brown and cripsy. But there is a special degree of worry I reserve for those times when my ammo count is less than the number of people shooting at me. Its all in how you play the game, and if you're planning on playing, you better worry.

The only people who don't worry are amatures, zealots and people on prozac.

Until next time, watchout for things that bump in the night: they tend to tip off the enemy.

...and remember a Martini has an olive and a Gimlet has the perl onion, don't let them pull a fast one one ya!


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