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An old military axiom states that the first victim of combat is the battle plan. This goes double for a run, but it goes a lot further than the run itself. It follows through to every aspect of your normal or not-so-normal life.

Trust me, it ain't over until its over, and even then... it ain't over!

As they say 'Friends may come and friends may go, but enemies accumulate'

And believe me chummers, they accumulate pretty quickly. Survivors, friends, family, employees, other runner's with a reputation to build: they can add up at an alarming rate, and if you forget that, they'll be burying you with a really surprised look on your face.

My advice to you is to take a page from the immortal words of Jim Morrison who said: 'No one gets out of here alive."

Kinda puts it all in perspective don't it? Well, wait, there's more. My advice to you is have fun with it. Be polite, if an enemy tries to ambush you and fails, send him a letter, for example:

Dear Ax

I'm really sorry I missed you the other night. I know you were looking forward to getting together, but unfortunately, these things do happen. Perhaps next time.

I mean, just because they're shooting at you doesn't mean you should forget your manners. (besides, it'll drive them crazy)

Keep tabs on your enemies. Send them Christmas Cards. Remember their anniversaries. After all, in an off handed way, your survival depends on them.

Anyway, it looks like its time for my medication... Bartender, make it a double...

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