Backer Bros. - GM Notes

The purpose of having a group like this is to get your PC's out of a jam. (And to have fun, cause there's nothing like having someone show up to 'save the day' in gold lame' battle armor). Especially some one as messed up as Mad Rabbit. Mad is a functional Schizophrenic. If anything requires him to take charge, he will, and he will be completely reliable... otherwise, all bets are off...

Name /Archetype
Tendown Rigger/Samuri 6 7 7 5 6 5 .7 10
Corndog Samuri/Rigger 6 5 7 5 4 6/8 1.85 8
Mad Rabit (PB) I don't think he knows. 5 7/13 6/14 1/3 6/1 ??? 3 11

(subject to change) (they're there to take out the opposition, but then again, what if your runners are the opposition??? )

The Backer Brothers are more than just brothers in name. They are family by their own choosing. They are all loyal to each other and " The Big Three."

The bit three are Davy "Corndog" Wilson, Geoff "Tendown" Wilson, and Derrick "Mad Rabbit" Wilson. They served in the military together and are the core of the Backer Bros. operations.

The Brothers

TenDown / Geoff TenDown is a very hansom if enigmatic man. From all outward appearances he is a mild mannered, self satisfied pretty boy. He has long blond hair, which is always kempt, he will dress in tailored clothing, and even his body armor is tailor made. He exudes confidence and class. When his is working his is very focused, almost to the point of being cold. He know his job and he knows what he must do. His standard outfit is black pants with boots, a black silk (paisley) shirt, and a fitted jacket. His armor is never overstated and everything seems to be perfectly co-ordinated. If you didn't know better, you'd swear he picked his weapons by how well they went with his outfit.
Corndog / Davy Corndog seems to be perpetually laid back. It may even be a genetic trick. Even in the heat of battle, you could easily picture him sitting on a back porch somewhere sipping a brew. He is conservative in dress, but never seems to be out of place. If you watch him very closely, you will see that he is always alert, and surveying his surroundings, yet as everything else with Corndog, he seems very relaxed about the whole thing.
Mad Rabbit / Derrick MadRabbit (also called PB by the Brothers and Duck) is well, The Mad Rabbit. He tends to dress outlandishly on a rescue mission, and very rarely leaves anything standing on the opposing side. He will dress in Gold Lame Battle armor with hot pink fur trim, or battle armor that is covered with sequins. When he shoots, he is yelling along with the gunfire, when it whines down, he makes the spinning down noises as well. When he looks around, he says things like "click-whrr, click-whrr" He can be very unsettling and always seems to be laughing at some private joke.

Rescue Entrance The Backers will not come unless called or they know something's up. Its that simple... or is it? If you don't call them, and you're missing after a period, it will trigger a search, but not a rescue.

Once summoned, 1-3 of the Backer Brothers will arrive, if they are busy, other operatives in the area may be sent by the Backers. A lot of it will depend on situation and availability.

Standard Style:

TenDown Ten will arrive quietly and calmly target each opponent. If you watch, there is a cold calmness as he takes out each target. He rarely finches and if shot at, he will target the shooter next. If someone has pissed him off enough, he is not above reviving them (even at the expense of an expensive potion) just to kill them again. (Note: Triggering this usually requires hurting one of his brothers) Even after all that, you can't help but somehow like the guy. Maybe cause you know, he's on your side.
Corndog Corndog likes flash-bangs and usually uses them a cue to come in. The way he fights, you'd almost think its a party for him, and maybe it is. When he's done he just looks around, almost as if he's embarrassed to be there.
Mad Rabbit Mad Rabbit will arrive shooting at everything on the opposing side. It is best, if Mad Rabbit is there, to hit the ground and not look up until he's done. He will chatter maniacally while shooting. Once the firefight is over, he will check the enemy and secure the area. As he survey's the scene he will mutter "Click Whrr" as he looks, and photographs each opponent. If a runner tries to loot a body while he is there he will get between them and the body and say something like "Who told you, you could get up Click Whrr? Just sit yourself back down... Click Whrr?" If people watch him long enough, they will notice that he picks the best loot and marks which bodies have a bounty attached. If players get too close, he will 'Click Whrr' them and say something cryptic that only makes sense to the recipient... (usually personal information that no one else should know.)

After they've taken care of business, they will reset your pager, and determine if more is required. And another thing. They ALWAYS secure the area before settling accounts.

Other siblings include :
Tommy Wilson To discuss the Backer Brother Operations, you have to talk about Tommy. He's one of the younger kids, but he is responsible for the transport system used by the Backer Brother's operations. Tommy is an Orc, goblinizing at the age of 13. His IQ puts him in the top 5%, even after Goblinization. He did his thesis work at MIT and has since dedicated himself to research and support for the Backer Brothers operation


Wayne "Boomer" Wilson Wayne is the explosives expert of the Backer Operations, he specializes in new and better ways to go "Boom" He's nice enough, but he tends to get into his work maybe a little bit too much.

Rico Wilson Rico is their computer specialist. He's two parts Decker and one part Rigger. He's also their equipment master.
Livia "Oh no!" Wilson Livia seems to be the nice quite one of the bunch. She specializes in infiltration. Where as Rico goes after information electronically, she goes after it physically.
Gina "The Doc" Wilson Gina is the family Doctor. She works in the Wilson Family clinic which also supplies the medical care for the Backer Bros. Operation.
Kenny "Clearwater" Wilson Kenny is also a trained Physician, but he prefers a more magical approach to healing. Between Kenny and Gina, the medical needs of most clients are covered.

Please note, by their last admission there were at least 57 Wilson brothers and sisters running around, and Momma Wilson is always taking in more...

Most of the Wilsons have served in the Military at one time or another. One definite exception is Tommy, although the military is very interested in his toys, especially the Transport system. Tommy tries to downplay his intelligence, such as reading trashy comic books (which usually hide the research material he's working on.) And talking "stupid" in front of non-family members.

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