A(nother) Year in Seattle

Saturday - November 29, 2059 - A day to breathe.

Today was finally my day to relax and get some holiday shopping done. Case and I usually end up doing tag team shopping where one of us goes in, gets the stuff we need while the other keeps the terror distracted.

This year we did something different. He took Bri and Ethan to the amusement park in the arcology while Therese and I did our shopping. It was great– I think I might even surprise Case this year. Especially since Therese is helping by hiding the gift this time. Last year I managed to get Case the perfect gift without him knowing about it.

Well, he didn't know about it until about 2 days after I brought it home. I got home from work and he was sitting at the table just staring at it. I'd hidden the thing too.

Ah well– he won't have that chance this year.

Man, let me tell you– the Arcology is even better than I'd imagined. I mean– I saw it as the finishing touches were being put on, and then again at the opening Gala, but it just doesn't compare. Shopping... miles upon miles of shopping. Food courts the size of normal malls... the amusement park. They really pulled out the stops when they made this place.

I can't wait to see it in December– I hear they're planning a full parade of lights through the mall. Should be something to see.

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Sunday - November 30, 2059 - Trouble
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