The Backer Brothers - The Real Story:

The Backer Brothers were part of a military spec ops group,

For four years, they served together, with Mad Rabbit working as the team's intelligence/ infiltration and demolitions expert, Corndog as communications/rigger expert and Tendown as the teams backup specialist. When the group was in stand-down mode, Rabbit would play with his toys and keep mostly to himself. The team depended on him going in first and guiding them in safely, but very few of them ever felt comfortable around him. Corndog was the story teller of the group and Tendown would listen to them. The group knew that Rabbit would clear the way, Corndog would get them in and Ten would always bring them home.

During a mission, things went very wrong, Mad Rabit was captured and Corndog was missing. When Tendown prepared his recovery, he was called before their commanding officer. He was told that their loss was a 'necessary risk.' Looking into his commander's eyes, Ten realized that the capture had been planned. The commander was sacrificing two of the team for his own agenda. Against orders, and his better judgment, Tendown left his post as team backup and went after the others.

As Ten left the commander's office, his last words to his team were "I don't need this." The others understood, even if the commander never would. Rabbit and Corndog were family, and Ten always cared more about the people under his protection than he did orders. And Ten was right, he didn't need this. He did his job because he cared about his team, not the mission, it was never about a mission.

On the way in he found Corndog. His communications rig and left leg had been shattered. He was all but dead. Ten splinted him up and took him back to base but when he arrived, he was arrested. Corndog was rushed to the base hospital, and Tendown was thrown into the stockade.

It was the worst time in Ten's life. He knew that Mad Rabbit's time was short, and that he had failed.

No one really knows what happened to Rabbit, but when he was found, he was truly mad. He and Corndog were granted medical discharges, and Ten faced court-martial charges. The commander insisted that Ten had put the team at risk by directly violating his orders and in the end, Ten was sentenced to ten years hard labor.

How the Backer Brothers met Voodoo

While Corndog and Rabbit were in Rehab/Therapy they met TwoBears, and through him, the rest of Voodoo. (another spec ops team.) Sometimes during the night, Rabbit would be lost in the memories of what happened. It was Two Bears who finally reached him and helped him control the nightmares. While guiding Rabbit through his memories he saw something that intrigued him. Since he could get very few answers from Rabit, TwoBears got the story from Corndog.

TwoBears passed this information on to Duck, who began a secret investigation. With the help of both Voodoo and members of BlackPaw, Duck drew a very interesting picture of what had actually happened. She also found a file that implicated the commanding officer, but she also learned that the fates, or at least the officer had planned an untimely death for Ten, and the others. She knew that he had had TwoBears watched, and that she in turn had been watched.

Knowing that they fully expected her to try and rescue the others, the Duck did the only thing she could think of. She broke into the prison where Tendown was serving his sentence. After a brief explanation, Ten was ready to leave, but unwilling to follow Duck's plan. Duck's plan was simple: She would stay in his cell posing as him, and he would go and get the others. Against his better judgement he agreed, especially when he realized that she was right, the only way to save all three of their friends was for him to go.

Things were close, but he was able to save all three of them. The last target standing surrendered and took off his comm-link. "Its for you." From Ten's reaction they all knew it wasn't good. They had Duck, and her copies of the files, the message was simple, the copy she'd given Ten, or her life. The surprise reaction came from TwoBears. "We will not surrender." Ten followed Bear's cry, but in his heart regretted it. He had failed on more person who had depended on him.

"I did not say that for us," Bear later told him, "but for Duck, for she would never have it. They have not killed her outright, for they need to know what is in the file and how many copies she made. We must find her before they break her, or all our lives will be lost. .Voodoo will recover the files, you must recover her."

Ten understood, Duck had switched places knowing what would happen, but trusting him to pull them all through. He would not fail her, this he swore, and he lived up to his word. When he found Duck, he understood TwoBears' sadness. He had seen what they had done to Rabbit, through Rabbit's own memories. They were doing the same to Duck. As he carried Duck to safety, she was softly humming "The insy, winsy spider" over and over again. When he tried to reassure her, she turned and smiled at him 'bout time,' she whispered. 'I don't think *I* could have taken another verse.'

The Aftermath

With the information from Duck and Testimony from Rabbit TenDown was cleared and the Backer Brothers moved into the next phase of their lives. Their prime customers are Voodoo and Black Paw, but they have also branched out. In exchange for their services, the backer brothers require a service agreement, regular payments, rescue payments and loyalty. If they say 'don't accept an offer' they would prefer you not accept and not ask them a lot of questions. If you must accept, they will do what they can for you, if you willfully take an assignment they say no to, they will not help you. If you call on them and arbitration is called (The Backers are in a conflict of interest) you must abide by their arbitration.

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