Epilog Three

*** *** ***
Ten Rabbits and a Corndog.
(One Year Later)
*** *** ***

Geoff looked at the others as the plane lifted off. Davy and Gina were sitting talking to each other as if nobody else existed. He was happy for them. They’d finally set a date and it only took a 2x2 to get Davy to do it, this time.

Rabbit and Tracker seemed to be betting on something, but he couldn’t understand what they were gambling on. Knowing Rabbit it would be how many times the plane would dip before they landed in Pueblo territory. Knowing Tracker, it could be anything. All he’d heard was “Two” from Rabbit and Tracker’s answering:“One”

Tommy and Rico were still looking at the equipment in the plane while Eclipse kept trying to keep them from taking everything apart. “No, I think they need that,” seemed to be his favorite phrase.

As for Boomer and Lightning, well, they were almost as bad as Davy and Gina were. At least they seemed more aware of it than the others.

Joey merely watched them all, and smiled to himself. It was almost as if he had a secret that nobody else knew. While Kenny, Geffen and Justin sat talking to their mother and mom Wilson.

The biggest surprise to date were the final two occupants of the plane: Minh and Kai. They seemed at ease, but the plane seemed more of an amusement than a conveyance to them.

The invitation had more of a request, and he found that the Wilson’s, like the TwoBears, couldn’t refuse Gran’s hospitality. “A celebration of life,” was all she’d tell them. She’d made all the arrangements and he had no idea what was going on. He was however hoping to see Duck and Bear. He’d seen Bear a month ago at Max’s trial, but Duck had been unable to travel. That had worried him, but Bear assured him that Duck was fine, just a temporary condition.

He started to wonder what this “Celebration” entailed, but he could find no reference to it.

'Geoff, sit down, you worry too much.' Kai’s voice echoed in his mind. Geoff shook his head, he didn’t think he’d ever get used to that. He joined them in the back of the plane.

“Geoff, you worry too much,” Minh stated as she bowed her head towards him.

“I’m sorry,” he answered. “Its just...”

“It is just that you do not know any other way,” the woman stated gently. “I understand, but you are not too old to learn new ways.”

Geoff laughed as he shook his head. “I am far to old to change,” he assured her.

Minh looked at him, her eyes twinkling. “If I can learn to sit in this machine, and fly through the air, in this manner, you can learn to relax, at least a little.”

Geoff nodded, then turned towards Kai. “How have you been?”

“We have been... well,” Kai answered evenly. “It has been an interesting year.”

“Year?” Geoff asked as he tried to understand.

“It was a year ago today, that the issue of the roses was resolved.”

Geoff closed his eyes as he thought back to those days, then smiled. “A year.” He realized that that must be what this was about. A celebration of life. With that realization came the relaxation that had eluded him: a celebration of family.

When the plane arrived, he was completely unprepared for what awaited them. Gran and Bear stood on the tarmac waiting for them. When they landed, Gran pulled Mom Wilson, Minh and Kenny’s mother to the side where she presented them each with a shawl. Each was handcrafted with care and he could tell, the dyes were natural.

Next Bear led them all to a gathering, that looked more like a luau than anything else. “Eat, rest and enjoy,” he told them as he headed towards one of the buildings.

Geoff tried to get his attention, but Bear merely smiled and waved back. Before Geoff could say a thing he was gone. They were joined by so many TwoBears that Geoff almost missed Gypsy’s arrival. As the sunset, torches were lit and the party continued. Food and drink were plentiful and he tried to follow Minh’s advice, but through out it all, he hadn’t seen Duck.

Then, a silence fell over the courtyard as Gran TwoBears stood and began singing. He didn’t recognize the tune, but it was bright and happy. When she finished, Bear stepped forward and addressed the revelers.

“My friends, old and new. This celebration is a combination of old and new, for though we are very different our histories are entwined. That is why I have asked you here tonight. I wish to introduce you to someone very special.”

Geoff smiled as Duck stepped forward. He didn’t understand why Bear would feel the need to introduce Duck, but this was his show. As Duck stepped forward, she handed a bundle to Bear.

“My friends, my family, a new soul walks among you. Wilson T. Wjowski-TwoBears!” With that proclamation, he raised the bundle over his head.

Geoff stared in disbelief as the bundle started to move, then Bear’s words finally sunk in.

“See brother of mine,” Joey whispered. “Davy isn’t the only dense one in the family.”

As the evening wound down, the Wilsons congregated around Duck and Bear.

“Why ‘Wilson’?” Davy asked as Duck handed their son to Gina.

Duck smiled at him as Gina held Wilson closely. “I wanted to name him after everybody,” she stated with a smile. “But I couldn’t rightly call him John David Geoffrey Derrick James ... I mean, but the time they finished roll call it’d be time for him to go to bed. It was either Wilson or Ten Rabbits and a Corndog.”

“Poor kid’s going to have a lot to live up to,” Geoff stated as Gina handed Wilson over to him.

“And a lot to live down,” Duck countered. “Side’s I’ve already got a handle for him.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Geoff stated.


Copyright 1998 - M.T. Decker

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