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The terms "Maguin" and "Shoumenren" were taken from the Anglicized Chinese words for 'Mother' and 'Doorman.' Except, of course, 'mother' is actually anglicized as 'Muqin' but my inability to spell kicked in and I ended up with Maguin.

Sushi Ninja is an actual restaurant in Rockville MD. Every time I've been there, the tables are arranged differently. A friend speculated that this was to throw off rival ninja clans... I'm beginning to think he's right.

How it all began.

I had just finished posting 'Happy Birthday' when two scenes came to mind. The first was a slightly different version of Rabbit/Duck/Wulf sneaking through Briar's house. The other was a news snippet of 'Also killed in the blast was intern Daniel TwoBears.' I figured it would take maybe 200 pages to tell the story (foolish mortal) I had started it and then I decided to try something more.

I always wanted to see if I could do an epic saga with umteen different plot lines converging into one main event.

Well... I think I did it.

Doing a serial has been an interesting experience and, for the most part, an 'E ticket ride!'

Thanks everybody!

Coming soon : Maiden Fair - How Minh met Duck and Tracker.

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