A Death in the Family

Interlude - Fire.

He floated somewhere between pain and release– his mind a mass of confusing signals. He could hear it as it toyed with him, but it was fading. It's voice overridden by the sound of her thoughts. He was afraid for her, afraid of what it would do if given the chance.

Somewhere, at the core of what remained him he fought. He would not allow it to hurt her. With a primal bellow of rage he launched himself at the thing that tormented him.

Suddenly– he was alone.

There was no sign of it, but there was also no sign of her.

As he tried to understand, he felt her power surge through him, followed by an agonizing tearing feeling as the creature tried to dig in and hold onto him. He could feel it's claws sinking through his mind...

Geoff screamed.

Copyright 2001 - M.T. Decker

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