A Death in the Family

Interlude - The Hunt.

They moved slowly now. The trail had become easier and easier to track. The stranger had come this way– and with him the curse of the enemy.

Tasunke and his brother exchanged worried glances. The enemy was growing more powerful and more daring.

Wicasa paused, spreading the sacred herbs, then moved on.

They could not undo what the curse had done– but they could prevent it from spreading and so they continued.

Though neither spoke of it– they both worried about their sister and the man she was caring for. They knew that the enemy had to be stopped, but they did not know how.

It was not in their power to stop him– perhaps he had grown too strong even for Witashnah. The signs did not bode well for any of them.

Copyright 2001 - M.T. Decker

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