A Death in the Family

Part II - Brothers

Chapter 4

General Brighton looked around the cabin and allowed himself a satisfied smile. Everything had gone according to plan, except of course for the freak getting away. Even that didn't really matter.

If Geoffrey Wilson wasn't dead already, he soon would be. The shaman– Spiral had seen to that. The toxic spells he wove could kill quickly or slowly– but they would kill and "Tendown" was going down for the full count this time.

The General was fairly certain that the young Wilson Shaman– Kenneth, knew as well. He'd been there when Spiral had cast his spell– he'd seen the number it did on the landscape– and his ‘brother.'

Too bad he couldn't tell the others.

Brighton looked down at the young shaman and smiled. While he had been content to handcuff the others, he'd taken no chances with "Clearwater" as they called him. He lay apart from his brothers, his hands and feet duct taped together and a ‘mage hood' carefully locked down over his head. There was no way he could tell the others anything, and for now the General was content with letting them have their bit of hope.

Hope could be a tricky thing. It could let you endure– keep you calm. Take away hope and you take away control as well. For now– he wanted them under control. If they knew what was coming– they'd resort to desperate measures. It wasn't quite time for that– yet.

He looked over at Spiral and nodded towards the door. It was time to discuss their plans. Before he left, he signaled one of his men.

The man snapped to attention immediately. Good soldier.

"If any of them move... shoot them." he paused then turned towards Davy and smiled. "And then shoot him."

Davy glared at him, but other than that no-one moved.

‘Of course not,' the General thought. ‘They still have hope.'

Rabbit shivered at the General's thoughts. Geoff was as good as dead. So were the rest of them if they didn't do exactly what he said.

It was like Davy had said– if the General had wanted them dead– they wouldn't be breathing right now. No, he was up to something– something that involved him... and his brothers... something that would ruin them– tear them apart.

Thing was– he'd already done it. Geoff was the listener, the confessor, the one who balanced Davy. Without Geoff, there would only Davy to act as the heart-- and that would tear Davy apart.

Rabbit felt his world closing in on him.

There had to be a way for him to let the others know... a way that wouldn't involve any of them getting shot.

Spiral looked out towards the woods and smiled. He could smell it– the effect of his spell. He could almost follow its path. His world was spreading and soon the elf would be one of his prophets.

He smiled at the General. "Everything is in order?"

The General nodded. "I've kept my end of the bargain."

"How?... you have captured your enemies and I have killed one for you– it does not give me the maiden..."

The General smiled. "But it does... One of our captives is a sniper– and he'll do anything to protect his family... you saw how he threw himself on top of the little one– he'll kill for us... or watch his little brother die."

Spiral nodded. They were not that much different– he spread physical ruin– the General mental. Soon enough the enemy would be dead– and her world would be his.

"And the others?"

"Once the job is done– they're yours."

Spiral nodded. "Then all is in order."

The General nodded it was indeed.

"We'll settle up next month, for now– if you need anything talk to Corporal Vance– I'll contact him when the sniper has done his job."

"And your men?"

"Once again– I leave that to your discretion."

Spiral nodded. All was indeed in order.

Copyright 2001 - M.T. Decker

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