A Death in the Family

Part II - Brothers

Interlude - Hoksila

He moved into the light and cringed. The light and greenery marked this area as hers. Soon his master would change that– soon the cooling dark would consume the forest and he would be safe, but it was not yet time.

For a moment he tilted his head-- something seemed wrong, but that feeling didn't last long– it never did.

‘Soon,' my child. ‘Soon.'

He felt both horrified and elated at the contact. Soon the spiral of decay would call and he would no longer be alone. He could already see signs of another– and soon there would be so many more. Soon, the master's children would rule and the bright hurtful sun would be a thing of the past.

Again he felt a slight shiver, as if the world had been turned inside out. He had been part of that bright green world, he had... liked it... it...

No. He lived to serve his master. That was all that mattered. He slipped back into the shadows. His time would come soon enough.

Copyright 2001 - M.T. Decker

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