In the early 1960's a hazardous blaze began devouring miles of precious earth beneath Centralia, a town in the Pennsylvania coal region. Coal mines were not its only prey. Homes, pets, miners, they were all lost in Centralia's hell on earth, and finally it threatened her children.

Enter Kyle McKnight, Centralia's champion. Sooty boots and a fire proof flak jacket were his armor as chief of the fire department. McKnight played his role in the destiny of Centralia, saving the children with sturdy arms and robust legs. But Centralia's smoky knight was born human, despite his super human courage, and conspiracy bore down. Agent Lucas Swain took orders from a mysterious figure in Washington DC. His mission was simple. "Keep the fire burning. Chief McKnight and Doctor Greenstreet must take the fall.

Greenstreet, a young crack shot of a scientist designed Freon suits capable of withstanding the searing 700-degree temperatures at the heart of the coal fires. The suits would do more than anyone bargained for, Swain and McKnight donned the suits and entered the throat of the ravenous earth, ready to set explosives and cut off the fire's oxygen supply. Tina McKnight watched from a distance, without the locket she made her husband swear to bring back.

McKnight and Swain discovered the origin of the coal fire, a giant unexplainable orb of pulsating energy. Agent Swain used the moment of confusion to try and rid himself of McKnight, McKnight could only defend himself, and watched in horror as Swain fell into the orb, surely a goner. Swain's sabotage left McKnight with a blitzing Freon suit on overload and pounds of explosives about to go off. McKnight knew death was near. By hell's fire or ice, he was going to die. In a desperate final attempt to save his hometown, he threw the explosives into the orb and...


Doc Greenstreet seemed McKnight's only friend, but was powerless against the arcane Senator Tempest and a corrupt fragment of government that Tempest forced down Centralia's throat. No efforts were made. No search team was deployed.

Reports were filed and Greenstreet reamains the Patsy thirty years running. the fires still burn. Corruption still burns. McKnight and Swain are still lost, presumed dead.

But then a cry is heard, the distantly familiar cry for help that any fireman would recognize. An ember glows in the earth's ash, and a figure ignites the darkness.

Carbon Knight.